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Landscape Design Styles

Posted on 27 April 2018 by admin (0)

The Landscape Design Styles

A beginning idea following the landscape design projects mostly takes their styles that are based on the styles of a home or needs of a family. Having a theme in mind and a plan that is fully finished will help in keeping the whole project on track and creating and maintaining unity amongst the homes, landscaping, and gardens.

Although we have so many various landscape designs that are very common and that are used mostly in a lot of landscaping and garden styles, still they are not restricted to as strict and selected list of the types and themes. Also, most people try to go with a theme that will best match well the styles of their homes and geographical area.

The given below is a list of design types that are mostly used in most of our gardens and landscapes:

  • The Mediterranean Style-Just as many design styles, the atmosphere from the plants creates this best theme. Again, there are many new types of palm trees and the Mediterranean plants which are grown to adapt to various climates. The Mediterranean design style has become the most common of these all over the world.
  • A Japanese Garden Style– There are not many Japanese kinds of homes in the United States. Therefore, the Eastern type and the philosophies of garden styles are becoming very common in the Western world today. Therefore, most people choose to devote all or some part of their backyard to this theme because of its elegance. ¬†Though sometimes it does not match with the designs of the modern homes.
  • The Cottage Gardens Styles-These kinds of gardens were created for growing crops so that they can be able to sustain families. Nevertheless, with time they have been able to take on a whole new appearance and use. Back then, flowers were never established, or they were only a few by being blown in the seed. However, this kind of style is always suitable for kitchens, and vegetable gardens, and is a familiar style of a flower garden.
  • A Southwest Landscape Design style-It is a prevalent theme and atmosphere which can be created through the type of garden decor alongside the kind of plants. It’s best in the arid regions such as Arizona and the New Mexico, although it is slowly becoming more popular in a lot of the parts of the world. Again, the hardscapes and decor can be created from the atmosphere of this theme. In areas that cannot sustain the type of arid plants, it is becoming trendy too in those areas as it is the best design style for them.
  • The Tropical Landscape Design style-As for these kinds of styles, the most important thing is the geographical location and the nature of plants. Therefore this kind of landscaping theme is commonly categorized in that of the Mediterranean gardens. Thus, the plants do have significant leaves and the flowering plants with much intense bright color. To help create a dense tropical atmosphere planting area some thick foliage is placed at the back of planting trees.


This is just part of the most commonly known gardens and landscaping themes. Besides these particular types, we have so much broader categories to get ideas from like the front yards, backyards, and even the patios.